Subject Leader

OFSTEDs increased focus on the curriculum through judging the quality of education will inevitably lead to a greater emphasis on subject leadership.  The leadership of subjects other than English and Maths in Primary Schools will be something that schools will want to strengthen.  All of the teaching schools in ACTS have Specialist Leaders of Education (SLEs) attached to them who are able to give bespoke support to new and experienced subject leaders at all key stages.  Use the members page to arrange support.  The Middle Leader and Senior Leader offers on the Leadership Hub will also cover aspects of subject leadership.

(BEP) Birmingham Education Partnership

Top Level/Deep Dive

Day 1: “Top Level” understanding: For HTs, DHTs and CoGs.  The aim of Day 1 is to help you gain ‘top level’ view of the quality of the curriculum in your school.

Day 2: “Deep Dive” for Curriculum  Leaders: For Curriculum Leaders, including AHTs and Subject Leaders.  The aim of Day 2 is to explore the ‘deep dive’ approach to developing the curriculum.

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