A fundamental role for Teaching Schools and their Alliances, as part of a school-led self improving system, is the provision of school to school support.

You may be a good or outstanding school seeking external support or validation of a particular area of your work; you may be a vulnerable school or a school in an Ofsted category of concern looking for support and challenge to move further forward.  Whatever your situation, ACTS Teaching Schools have a range of system leaders: National Leaders of Education (NLEs); Local Leaders of Education (LLEs); Specialist Leaders of Education (SLEs); and National Leaders of Governance (NLGs) as well as colleagues without a formal designation who are able to provide high quality support.

ACTS works closely with BEP in their school improvement work, to ensure a joined-up approach to support schools in the Birmingham area.

We absolutely recognise that working together brings benefits to us all – we all have something to offer and we all have something to learn.