The Association of Central Teaching Schools (ACTS) represents all 15 of Birmingham’s teaching schools and their alliances (TSAs). We are committed to working together in partnership. Our purpose is to enable teaching schools to maximise their effectiveness in supporting school improvement and higher standards across Birmingham through sharing information about activities, co-ordinating efforts and ensuring city-wide coverage. ACTS is currently chaired by Tracy Ruddle from Birmingham Education Partnership (BEP), and vice-chaired by Jon Gale from Colmore Partnership Teaching School Alliance

One of the key features of our work is that we provide school-to-school support by using the very best practice from schools within and beyond our alliances. This includes the work of the specialist leaders of education (SLEs), local leaders of education (LLEs), national leaders of education (NLEs) and national leaders of governance (NLGs).

Other areas of our work include initial teacher training (ITT) and the provision of evidence-based CPD and leadership development. We are certain that all city schools have something to offer to the system in at least one of these areas. Our vision is that every school in the city will join a TSA so that they can both contribute to the system and receive appropriate support.



Saturday 21st March 2020, 10 am – 2 pm, Birmingham Conference & Events Centre

Saturday, 20th June 2020, 10 am – 2 pm, Edgbaston Cricket Ground

NPQH, NPQSL, NPQML programmes now available for 2019/2020

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